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How SafeVerse Metaverse Technology can Transform Aviation Training?

Aviation industry caters millions of customers every year, and it requires professionally trained and skilled pilots who can fly the aircrafts efficiently. Training the pilots is an integral part of the aviation training industry, however the training process can be an expensive, risky and time consuming operation. Here we shall have a look at the obstacles in the proper and effective aviation training, and the effective solutions provided by SafeVerse.

Problems in Aviation Training

Aviation industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It not only caters to multiple travelers, but also generates employment for millions of people. More than 40 million airplane tickets are sold every year on the global level, which means the aviation industry requires enough staff to fulfill the demand in the market. It requires professionally trained pilots who are not only qualified with theoretical knowledge, but also equipped with practical skill. However training the aviation trainees is not an easy task. There are multiple factors that make aviation training an extremely tough job.

Extremely Expensive Training

Traveling by air is an expensive mode of travel, and it is not only because of the comfortable service, but the factors such as huge fuel cost as well as machinery (aircraft) add to the high cost of the plane. Similarly, during the training period, the cost of fuel and a working aircraft also comes into play, which makes the training process to cost a hefty amount of money.

Risk of Life

During the training period, the trainees are exposed to the practical aspects of flying an aircraft. Although the trainees have a proper theoretical knowledge of the profession, the practical experience of flying a plane is still lacking. If any unfortunate mishap occurs, it can result in serious injury and even loss of life.

Risk of Machinery and Physical Loss

The aircraft that would be used for the training purpose, would be an immensely expensive asset. Since a trainee is learning the practical aspect of flying a plane, if any accident happens, the aircraft will also get damaged. Repairing even the smallest parts will cost big bucks, which makes the aviation training a risky job.

Psychological Pressure

A trainee can be under huge pressure while dealing with an aircraft. The feelings of fear and nervousness can take over the individual, which may cause psychological trouble, as well as it can also lead to an accident due to poor performance.

Safety Training for Aviation Industry

Now when we have an idea of the obstacles in the efficient and effective aviation training, we need to focus on the better and feasible solutions for these problems. The solutions provided by SafeVerse have been innovative, cost effective and solved the purpose.

The portfolio of SafeVerse includes a customized security training program for the pilots of EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency). Not only this, SafeVerse has also created a custom training program for an Indian Conglomerate. The program was built upon the principles of gamified learning, which increased the efficiency of the training program.

Why Choose Solutions by SafeVerse?

| Cost Effective

SafeVerse uses the AR and VR technology to create audio and visual simulations, which is far more cost effective as compared to the real set up such as a working aircraft, and fuel cost.

| Risk Free Training

The on field training can be highly risky, whereas the Metaverse or AR/VR simulations create a risk free environment for the learning process, and negate any risk of loss of like or physical asset.

| Effective Learning

The technology used to create these safety training programs are as real as the real like. This provides an opportunity to have an immersive learning experience, which does not compromise on the learning.

| Less Time consumed

The time consumed on the field of learning takes many hours on a regular basis. Whereas in the SafeVerse aviation training program, the trainees can simply use the audio and video equipment to begin the learning process.

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