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SafeVerse gets Featured in Top Publications for its Initiative in Web3.0 space

SafeVerse is the initiative taken by the ZyenaLABS, and the team is dedicated to facilitating safety training and learning programs for the web 3.0 space. SafeVerse recently got featured in the top media publications for its endeavors. Top Indian news publications such as The Times of India (TOI) and YourStory covered the founder’s interview as well as the funding news.

SafeVerse featured in The Times of India (TOI)

The Times of India article featured a detailed interview with Prahalad SK, the founder of SafeVerse. In the interview, Prahalad discussed the evolution of the web space since the weary ages of web to the boom of web 3.0. The web 3.0 domain is relatively new, and the number of legit educational avenues for the domain are negligible as of now. As per the tech experts, the scope of growth in the web 3.0 domain is exponential. With newly announced ventures and investments by gigantic tech companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, Microsoft, the potential of this latest technology can be assumed. However, to bring the best out of this pool of opportunities, proper training methods and systematic education is mandatory. SafeVerse has the first movers’ advantage in the area of education and training for the web3.0 and metaverse domain.

SafeVerse featured in YourStory

SafeVerse also got featured in YourStory, another leading publication in India. The Yourstory article features the news of funds raised by SafeVerse. Due to the innovative solutions and promising experience in the field of learning and training, SafeVerse has raised a funding of $1 million in the pre-seed funding round. The round of funding was led by Gains Associates, Seedthrift, Encrypted Investments, and other venture capital investors.

SafeVerse is committed to build a learning and training platform for the web3.0 space, and the acquired funds have been allocated for the infrastructural setup as well as product development.

According to Prahalad SK, the Founder and CEO of SafeVerse, “Web 3.0 is still in the initial phase of its development and growth. Although there is a huge potential to be realized in this domain, there are no specific institutions which can provide effective training tools or working infrastructure. We started SafeVerse with the vision to support the Web 3.0 technology, and are working towards building training programs as well as metaverse infrastructure for the corporations.”

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