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SafeVerse all set to launch the NFT collection — Safepass NFT

SafeVerse all set to launch the NFT collection — Safepass NFT

SafeVerse is launching its metaverse for safety training and learning, it also offers tailored metaverse for businesses all across the globe. The SafeVerse team is super excited to reveal the next big leap in the journey.

We have been working hard to add more value to our community, and now we are ready to launch its Safepass, the exclusive NFT collection of SafeVerse.

| What is Safepass?

Safepass NFTs is the collection of first originals 999 NFTs from Safeverse. The NFT collection has been created with ingenuity and innovation, ready to be minted. With the Safepass NFT, the users will be able to unlock a varied range of benefits. It will also serve as the community’s loyalty card and provide lifetime benefits to NFT owners.

| Benefits of Safepass NFT

Let’s check the benefits you can avail by owning SafeVerse NFT “Safepass”

  • Get whitelisted for Airdrops from Safeverse.

The users can make it to the whitelist and avail the benefits of airdrops from the SafeVerse. The NFT owners will not only own the exquisite NFT collectibles, but will also be eligible to avail the benefits of multiple airdrops.

  • Get limited time access to Safeverse experiences.

The users can avail the benefits of the exclusive metaverse experience within the SafeVerse ecosystem. By owning the Safepass NFT, the users can access this benefit for a certain period.

  • Get whitelisted for surprise gifts and token airdrops from Safeverse.

The benefits of owning NFT also includes the surprise gifts and token airdrops. The surprise gifts can only be availed by the users who have Safepass NFT issued by SafeVerse.

  • Exclusive invites for events in Safeverse.

Exclusive events are not for everyone. However, we consider our community valuable, and want to offer exclusive invites for our events. Owning the Safepass NFT makes you a valuable member of the SafeVerse family, and you will always be invited to our events exclusively.

  • Special discounts for asset purchases on Safeverse.

If you own the Safepass NFT, you will also avail the special discounts on the purchase of any assets on SafeVerse.

  • Exclusive access to premium content on Safeverse.

By owning the Safepass NFT, the users can get exclusive access to our most premium content available on SafeVerse platform.

| Conclusion

Launching Safepass NFTs is one of the most important milestones of the SafeVerse project, and also a crucial step forward towards building a stronger and more massive community. The Safepass NFTs features the first and original collection of 999 exclusive NFTs, created for the SafeVerse community. This will allow the metaverse enthusiasts and investors to be a part of Safeverse, which is one of the fastest developing metaverse projects. By getting their hands on the Safepass NFTs, the early investors can acquire the NFTs at the lowest price possible and be a part of the SafeVerse family.

To take the advantage of this opportunity you need to click to the given link and join the SafeVerse Family!

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